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We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to your esteemed Organization for the great support and contribution towards the region’s economy, technology, business and organizational development, knowledge development and the varied regional and global initiatives aimed at reinforcing global leadership.

GCC Contacts is of one of the region’s largest lead generation platform that connects you to the right government and business contacts. It offers partners’ an exclusive access to the dynamic government and business organization leader’s network. Created, maintained and updated rigorously, over the years, GCC Contacts database has one of the world’s most comprehensive communities of government and business organization leaders and executives, who approach business with a promising confidence and are always on the lookout for interesting and exciting opportunities that would stretch their personal and professional competencies.

GCC Contacts provides organizations with high quality database of contacts system which reduces redundancy and errors, enable, improved data control and security, and eases data maintenance tasks. These systems would significantly augment organization’s sales and marketing plans and the future business expansion opportunities in the region by ascertaining your market presence amongst 1-Million clients in public and private sectors.

Becoming a member of GCC Contacts Software Partnership program is a joint long-term commitment based on a shared vision on our synergy and common value proposition to the market. The partnership is led by the objective for growing a business for mutual success. GCC Contacts Partnership Program presents an ideal opportunity to the regional and global government and business organizations to boost their presence among an influential regional and global decision-making audience.

Joining forces with GCC Contacts will help partners to increase their visibility in the marketplace, develop their position and market coverage. With decades of years of expertise and leadership, GCC Contacts would undoubtedly be the best choice for your Organizations’, especially owing to the added benefit of our extensive database, with 2 million regional and global contacts, meticulously categorized based on industries and designations, holding an unrivalled potential for a positive impact on your business.

We look forward to having you as a partner with us and hope to make this partnership a truly rewarding experience for your organization.

For more info on Benefits of Participating as Partner please contact: